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The Security aboard this Enterprise has seen fit to remove from my direct control the technology with which I was equipped when I arrived. This protocol is both understandable and advisable.

Fortunately, as it was removed from me within very short order following entry X-1, the re-entry of that information was a simple matter. Thereby, this entry shall be the estranged entity and be classed X-1(1).

The following contains the current accumulation of my field-notes. They have been broken into varied classifications for easy cross-reference and sorting.

Personnel Listings and Concurrent Notes
Listed in chronological order of awareness.

1. Ensign Pasha Chekov

I first mistook Ensign Pasha Chekov for Navigator Paula Chekov. We exchanged brief conversation during which I presumed the girl addled. She indicated to me that this universe had a recreational replicator which caused apparent gender shifting effects.

Her similarities to Paula Chekov are many and astounding.X-1(1).2 That I should meet another Ensign Chekov, who had been accidentally changed from a male state, and be unable to identify the differences on sight, is most interesting. Upon discovering that I was not, in fact, her Commander Spock, she promptly adhered to proper protocol and escorted me to a secured facility.

She is a most admirable officer, I would have commended her, but my standing in this particular reality is less than official.

2. Doctor Emma McCoy

Doctor Emma McCoy, mother of Lenny McCoy (presumably the Leonard McCoy of this particular reality, as she indicated familiarity with this particular crew), is not a Starfleet Officer. She indicated that she is a professor. Of what, however, was not established. She also indicated that there is a member of Starfleet Intelligence on board, a Commander Green.

As I have very little information about Lenore McCoy's parentage or general familial status beyond the emergency contacts submitted to the database, any potential differences between this woman and Lenore's mother completely elude me. Further investigation about this woman could be useful in later comparison.

3. Doctor Leonard McCoy1

I have had very little contact with Dr. Leonard Lenny McCoy. He appears very professional, a trait common between this Dr. McCoy and the one to whom I am accustomed. His accent is significantly reduced, however. Whether this is a conscious effort or a coincidence, I am uncertain, but I found I did not have to strain to pick out syllables through Southern Drawl.

4. Chief of Security Laurence Gerald Alexander

The Chief of Security is efficient and polite. I have had little contact with him. He is not a duplicate of our Chief of Security. Though I feel as though I should recognize him, I do not. He is the first major feature that is not mirrored with my own native reality.

This merits further study.X-1(1).2

5. Jim KirkLover of diminutive mammals

I have come to a conundrum between this Jim Kirk and the one that follows. Both have introduced themselves as Jim and I will have difficulty referencing them in identical fashion. Rather than assign one or the other a numerical, as my partial introduction to both occurred within a very short span of time from one another, they will be temporarily labeled by the aspects I was first made aware of.

Until a new form of notation presents itself, this should prove sufficient.

Jim KirkLover of diminutive mammals appears to be a sentimental man. He has professed a like of classic motion picture music, ala Titanic, and a wish to appear nonpartisan when it comes to gender.

He is polite. Beyond this I know little.

He resembles Jayna very loosely, as though he were a second step removed.X-1(1).2 This discrepancy is worthy of specific notation and further study.X-1(1).1

6. Jim KirkConscientious associate of Spock

Jim KirkConscientious associate of Spock appears to be less sentimental than Jim KirkLover of diminutive mammals and distrustful of him in a largely general sense.

He is polite and genuinely concerned for the well-being and comfort of displaced persons. He also appears to be displaced, himself. Upon brief conversation he confirmed that there were multiples of himself and that all of the multiples of myself appeared to be male in gender. He supplied the numeral 4 in reference to the number of Spocks.X-1(1).1X-1(1).3 This number has yet to be confirmed, but I shall endeavor to do so.

He has expressed that he is open for future questioning. This is fortunate.

7. Doctor McCoy2

This version of Doctor McCoy (First name unconfirmed. I suspect it is Leonard as well.) appears to exist on a plane of reality separate from this one. X-1(1).1 This makes him a singular curiosity, as he is not a displaced individual but rather a shipmate of reportedly displaced individuals.

He had indicated that his ship is commanded by Pike (First name unconfirmed. I do not know what the masculine equivalency of Christa is, and therefore cannot suppose one. Rank, also, unconfirmed.) and Spock (Rank unconfirmed. Gender: male.) Doctor McCoy2 elaborated, beyond this, that the Spock to which he is accustomed is entangled in a homosexual relationship with the native Pike.X-1(1).3 He has also implied that this relationship is unequal, though this has not been confirmed.

This version of Doctor McCoy appears to be closer to that which I am accustomed. His accent and frequent use of colloquialism is more in keeping with the curious diction of Lenore McCoy. Though his comments are far more brazen and sexual in nature, it is not a significant alteration.X-1(1).2

I am curious to see if this propensity for colorful metaphor and colloquialism runs through all McCoys. I will have to study this further.

This McCoy has also indicated that he would be open for further questioning. Again, this is fortunate.

Technological and General Environmental Notes

1. The general layout of this vessel appears to be very similar to my own Enterprise. Though there have been several individual instances of difference (All wall panels, the general layout of Medical, and the control systems of the PADDs are all reverse of that to which I am familiar.) the majority of the ship is navigable. I do not have access to ship schematics, but I am slowly constructing what I can through observation. X-1(1).2

See attached file: Local_Enterprise_Layout.vct

2. The decorations of familiar locations, my counterpart's quartersX-1(1).3 and the CMO's office, appear similar but not identical. This deviation is of interest to me. I have no further information to contribute to this at this time.X-1(1).2

As yet to be confirmed notes and suppositions.

Through various indications, I have surmised that a minimum of three planes of reality have intersected on this ship. My own, the current reality, and a third. Though I am inclined to believe that there are far more, somewhere along the lines of five, I cannot support this hunch at the current time. I require more data.

The varied level of differences and similarities are staggering. Though I had presumed this to be a faulty duplication of my reality, this assumption appears false. I am uncertain how to analyze these individual cases of strange similarity and variance, therefore I shall merely attempt to categorize them with this reference number. Perhaps they will reveal a pattern in time.

Spock. I have been informed that the majority of Spocks are male. The statistical improbability of a 1:5 chance of a female alternate is not in keeping with the General Theories of Chaos, as I understand them.

Surely I cannot be the only outlying variable.

Other variables may surface in time, perhaps more significant than basic genetics. I shall tag them with this reference number, wherever possible.

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