Nov. 4th, 2009

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These were, most assuredly, not her quarters.

True, they appeared to be the same physical space to which she had been assigned, but they were incorrect on multiple levels. The most disconcerting and immediately apparent of which being that they were approximately fifty-seven degrees colder than her preferred temperature. The conspicuous crunch the carpet released upon her entry drew her attention away from the report in hand and Spock's vision drifted across the room with quick, calculating grace.

“Computer,” Spock began and her right eyebrow crawled upward toward her hairline. The computer neither trilled nor blared in response and Spock blinked. “Ascertain cause of temperature shift.” Her command was answered by relative silence and the slow swish of the door behind her as it closed.

“Computer, respond,” Spock commanded lightly and tucked the PADD in her hands beneath her right arm. Again, there was no audible reaction to her input. Spock drew a short breath and turned to the panel beside the doorway. As she reached out, she paused. The panel was...not on this side of the door? Spock turned and stared in silence as she identified the panel on the opposing side of the threshold.

This was incorrect.

Her mind raced as she added the various factors to one another. These were not her quarters, and yet they were. It was a conundrum, one she did not currently have enough information to solve. Spock extended her hand and depressed the controls on the panel beside the doorway. For the first time since her entry, the computer responded with a short tone.

“Spock to bridge,” she stated evenly and arched a brow as no immediate response came. She allowed precisely seventeen seconds to expire before attempting to contact the bridge again. It became apparent that she would receive no answer from the main communications console, and Spock very nearly frowned as she stepped back from the panel.

Something very strange had occurred.

The carpet crunched beneath her feet and Spock hazarded a glance at the floor. The moisture in the air had just managed to crystallize on the carpet. Had environmental controls been affected? Was this variable linked directly to the strange displacement of local technological features? Spock regarded the carpet briefly and moved to exit the room.


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