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Spock had watched the other children, following her examination. Despite multiple assurances, and a very elaborate explanation, she had not yet been entirely convinced that this was not an elaborate plot to kidnap and detain her. the other children left to the individual care of guardians and, on occasion, parents, Spock began to wonder.

She folded her hands in her lap and regarded the general motions of sickbay. The other children were gone and she was not a priority. The various nurses and doctors continued about their work and Spock watched them idly. She had not expected continuous conversation, nor had she desired it, but the lack of external stimulus forced her to rely entirely on internal contemplation.

Without an alternate topic, the only thing she could think to contemplate was the time. It was an irrelevant topic, as there was little she could do to influence it, or the actions she felt should have occurred, but it was the only topic she had. Spock watched the chronometer on the far wall, for lack of alternate stimulation.

Two hours seventeen minutes prior, presuming that the doctor had not been truthful with her, her mother was supposed to have landed the flitter outside of the academy and taken her to the doctor. One hour and five minutes ago, her sister would have arrived home. Ten minutes ago, they would have partaken of dinner.

It was the fourth day of the week. Barkaya marak and ameelah.

Spock was irrationally saddened by this thought. She took a slow breath and ignored the sensation. It would slide away.

(OOC - I'm going to be questionably available for the next two days. This is just to allow some interaction so I don't lag behind everyone when we conclude this. I do hope that was vague enough, about the examination conversation, M'Benga!mun.)
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