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Greetings. I am non-native Spock3.

As lessons were requested of me, I have recently established a timetable for the instruction of Vulcan meditative martial arts.

As such, I will be present in the Gymnasium for bi-weekly instruction of Ke-tarya1. I am also proficient in a'sum'i and suus mahna if there are any on board who desire knowledge of these forms, specifically2.

All who wish to attend or observe are welcome to do so.

1. See attached .data packet for dates and hours.
2. I am skilled in Terran and Andorian techniques as well, if one desires training or advisement in these areas.
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I am most perplexed. While perusing the network my PADD is attached to, I have come across a great deal of questionable humor. I have been repeatedly sent to view this and then informed that I am a newfag. While the terminology escapes me, I can only presume it indicates that I am ignorant of the virtual sociocultural infrastructure.

In an effort to avoid being a newfag, I have sought out the guidelines for proper behavior within the confines of this network. Inevitably, I found The Unofficial Official Rules of the Internet.

It appears to be a compendium of approximately 666 sequential guidelines (680 including integers, imaginary numerals, and Roman notation), with an appended 22 additional, non-sequential requirements and informative suggestions. Though many of them are contradictory and self referential, as far as I have been able to gather, there are a few which I feel prudent to share. As Jim KirkConscientious associate of Spock indicated that there would be several confused, displaced persons who required similar information, I will share this in the public forum.

The Unofficial Official Rules of the Internet, as organized by Cmdr. Spock Ko-fu'Sarek )

If there are any further, essential rules which should be appended to this list, I would greatly appreciate a suggestion.


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