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Spock adjusted the fit of her belt, tightening it approximately 4.5 cm.

The fit of her borrowed exercise garb was, ultimately, sufficient for the task at hand. The belt would keep her replicated top from gaping. It was unnecessary, but the traditional wardrobe seemed an important choice.

Spock rationalized it as a necessity for teaching.

She had posted the bulletin on the open message centers, ideally a few of the officers and non-officers who had expressed interest would arrive for lessons. As the gym was, momentarily, fairly unoccupied, Spock started a slow, meditative sequence to prepare for her class.
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The communications officer on duty, whom Spock had since identified as George Kirk, in conjuction with the native Lieutenant Uhura had managed to decode the general trends of the alien linguistics. Their work was most exemplary and Spock noted such as she prepared her report and proposal. Given standard Starfleet Procedure, the next step was obvious.

They had been peacably contacted by a native race with warp capabilities. It was her duty and, in fact, the nearest actionable form of her pleasure, to initiate first contact with the planet. Despite the lack of contact from the Captain, Spock was assured in this procedure. She was so assured of this that, following the notification from the communications sector, she had begun a search through the crew roster.

Briefly, as she assembled the candidates, Spock regretted that she did not know them as individuals. Personal knowledge would aid the decision process, but what could not be altered was illogical to regret. The initial landing party was a simple matter, nonetheless. The requirements were quite standard.

As the secondary Command Officer and current Chief Science Officer, Spock would lead the team, herself. She would require the standard compliment. Two security officers, a secondary scientific presence,and a medic. It would also be wise to include a communications officer for the initial foray. Her natural inclination was to select Lieutenant Uhura, though Spock would explain it away in much more logical terms.

Once Spock had completed her selection, to the best of the information provided, she issued a series of messages to the appropriate recipients and gathered her equipment. If there were no complications, the mission could proceed immediately.

Communication to Captain Kirk, Native: ([ profile] kirktastic)
Concerning M3-137q4 )

Communication to Temporary Chief Security Officer Kowalski, Native: ([ profile] anna_kowalski)
Concerning M3-137q4 )

Communication to Nurse Chapel, Non-native: ([ profile] originalchapel)
Concerning M3-137q4 )

Communication to Lieutenant Uhura, Native: ([ profile] just_uhura)
Concerning M3-137q4 )

Communication to Lieutenant Commander Mulhall, Non-native: ([ profile] ann_mulhall)
Concerning M3-137q4 )

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