Nov. 9th, 2009

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Strangely, the unorthodox appellation of a variable log-entry numerical is the only method by which I have surmised to properly catalog my thoughts and observations.

If X is representative of the event that instigated my current predicament and the following numerical denotes the sequential order of my entries, with the addition of the local time, it should eventually be possible to assign a properly formatted timecode to each individual section. Ideally, this should provide the capability to merge these documents with the overarching log still kept on the Enterprise.

Given that this is the initial log, I have deemed it X-1. As the designation X-0 implies the event itself, I have merely skipped it.

Notation aside, this is the initial entry of Personal Log, Secondary, Commander Spock: S 179-276 SP.

I have found myself--having arrived rather inexplicably, I am reluctant to assign this particular incident a more precise verb lest specific phraseology fail me--on a ship not dissimilar to the Enterprise. While occasional minutia appear altered, overall the ship is unchanged. Upon my arrival, though the aforementioned instances were noted, I paid them little heed. During the progression of my time here, however, I have been made aware of much more...distracting differences.

It appears that the given genders of individuals with whom I am familiar are reversed. The improbability of such a specific sequence of differences is staggering. As it stands, however, I find the observation of such near-duplicates to be a most fascinating undertaking.

I am uncertain as to whether I will be treated as a hostile force or not. Though regulation, in the strictest interpretation, states that such abrupt arrivals be treated with caution, my strange appearance has garnered very little beyond a listless apathy. That such an odd event should occur with sufficient frequency to inspire apathy is quite telling. If this PADD should be removed from my direct control, the following entries will, doubtless, have a new system of organization.

Spock out.


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